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  1. Úvod
  2. Obchodné podmienky/Terms
Obchodné podmienky/Terms and conditions

Rule 1 General conditions and definitions

1. General conditions and definitions
1.1. These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") apply to the business relationship between the buyer and the company FARBEZA, Ltd., located Bagarova2, 841 01 Bratislava, ID 45583731, TIN 2023059511 (the "operator" or "Seller") concluded by means the electronic store www.keisuniforms.sk (hereinafter "the system").
1.2 The Terms govern the rights and obligations of the purchase contract concluded at a distance through a server www.uniforms-eisb.sk between seller and buyer.
1.3 The rights and obligations of the contract of sale shall be governed by the law of sales under sec. § 588 et seq. in conjunction with sec. § 612 et seq. Law no. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code.
1.4. The buyer is registered in the system means an entity person or legal person who sent the own authorization electronic order, which was processed in the store.
1.5. Electronic orders are the forms transmitted electronically, all the form containing information about the buyer, the list of goods ordered from the menu of the web site and the price of the goods, processed by trading system or e-mail sent to the seller.

Rule 2 Order

2.1. The condition of the electronic order form is true and complete filling of all, registration form required data.
2.2 All received electronic orders are considered a draft contract and are considered binding.
2.3 Purchase agreement, based on which is realized the sale of goods by the seller to the buyer is based on a binding confirmation of an order in the system. Seller by e-mail booking confirmation (or part thereof) is considered to be binding for both parties, if not violated the terms agreed at the time of confirmation and then at the same time there is a relationship between the customer and FARBEZA, Ltd.

Rule 3 Order Cancellation

3.1. Cancellation of orders by the buyer. The buyer has the right to cancel the order without giving any reason at any time prior to its binding confirmation by the seller. After a binding confirmation of the order only if the seller fails to meet the agreed terms of delivery. In case of cancellation of confirmed orders the buyer is liable for damage incurred by the seller negotiations. The seller has the right to compensation of damage, especially in case of purchase of goods "on demand", which was necessary to obtain the customer's request or if the context of ensuring the goods has already taken the demonstrable costs. Cancellation fee can amount to 50% of the total price of the goods.
3.2 Cancellation of the order by the seller
Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part in following cases:
- For orders on delivery order it has not been possible to confirm the binding (incorrectly listed the phone number is unavailable, does not respond to e-mails etc.)
- The goods are no longer produced or delivered or are significantly altered price supplier of goods. In the event that this happens, the seller will immediately contact the buyer to agree on how to proceed. If the buyer has paid part or full amount of the purchase price, this amount will be transferred back to his account or address within 15 calendar days.

Rule 4 Withdrawal from the contract (mail order)

4.1. Withdrawal from the contract by the buyer
The buyer is entitled in accordance with the law on consumer protection in distance selling, no. 108/2000 Z.z. withdraw from the contract within 7 working days of receipt of goods. Where this right the buyer must comply with the conditions and procedure set out in paragraph

4.2 What to do in case of withdrawal from the contract

Given that in the event the contract is canceled from the start, return or replace the supplier to the buyer and buyer to the supplier all mutually received. The supplier reserves the right to reduce the amount refunded to the buyer on demonstrable costs incurred by sending a shipment to the buyer if the amount received by the supplier for the goods does not include a separate charge for postage. If the customer chooses to withdraw from the contract within the period specified in paragraph 4.1, shall comply with the following conditions:
- Contact us (see contact) that he/she is demanding the withdrawal, stating the order number, name and surname, date of purchase and your account number or address for a refund.
- If the buyer has received the goods, he/she will return it to our address listed in the contact section and subject to the following conditions:
- The goods must not be used.
- The goods must be undamaged, 
- Send it together with proof of purchase.

When all the above conditions for returning goods are fulfilled we will send money by bank transfer to your account within 14 working days after physical receipt of goods. We ask you to send us the goods by registered mail and insured because we are not liable for any loss on the way to us. We are not excepting COD (Cash on delivery) shipments. In the event of failure of any of the above conditions, unfortunately we cannot accept cancellation of orders and goods will be returned at the expense of sender back.

Rule 5 . Price terms

5.1. Price of the products is the final price. All prices are in Euros including VAT, VAT rate = 20%. www.uniforms-eisb.sk reserves the right to change prices of goods on offer, the insertion of new products into the menu system, making and canceling the special offers on the site, or the introduction of changes in them. If the customer orders the goods at a given price, it does not change.

5.2 Postage and handling are given in section 6.

5.3 Every special offer or discount is given for the product, in discounts through coupons, the price is adjusted when ordering, when you enter the appropriate code.

Rule 6 Shipping and handling

6.1. FARBEZA Company, Ltd.is not charging for handling charge.

6.2 Postage price is listed including VAT and is determined from the resulting amount of the order after applying the bonus points, discounts or other application and depends on the weight of the goods required. The fee you'll find when you put an item into the shopping cart. By order over 150 EUR free shipping.

6.3 Shipping and handling for deliveries to the territory of the Member States of the European Union, if necessary, or other states are set individually by agreement in writing (email) between buyer and seller.
6.4 For current prices in Section 6. Please contact the vendor

Rule 7 The payment conditions of the goods

 7.1. One-time transfer from the account to the bank account of the company FARBEZA, Ltd. on the invoice.

7.2. By paying cash on receipt of the goods at the post office or by courier.

7.3. Unless the full price is paid for the delivered products, the seller has the right to suspend further deliveries of goods to the time the price is paid.

Rule 8 Delivery terms

8.1. Deliveries subject of performance (goods ordered) will be subject to availability of product and service options will be shipped by seller as soon as possible. When paying by bank transfer the goods are shipped only if the payment is credited to the account of the seller.

8.2 Each customer is informed of the shippment of goods via email. Order status can be checked by logging into the system. The status of an order, the customer is also notified by email.

8.3. Goods are delivered via Slovak Post Office or courier to the address specified by the customer in the order.

8.4. Title to the product passes to the buyer after the acceptance and payment of the purchase price.

8.5. The buyer is obliged to accept the purchased or ordered goods otherwise - in rejection of the consignment, the buyer is obliged to pay the seller the cost of transport of EUR 7, - EUR.

8.6. Delivery of goods to the territory of the Member States of the European Union, or other countries take place on the basis of mutual consent and prior written approval of rates for shipping and handling and, if necessary further delivery terms between buyer and seller.

Rule 9 Warranty terms and Complaints procedure

9.1. The complaint procedure shall apply to goods that were purchased from FARBEZA, Ltd. a claim which has been applied during the warranty period.

9.2.  For each product purchased through FARBEZA, Ltd. when it is delivered to the purchaser accompanied by an invoice (sales receipt), which serves as voucher.

Rule 10 The conditions for returning goods

 1.10 Upon delivery or receipt of the goods the buyer must examine the goods and observe:
- whether it is a product that has been ordered, 
- Whether the product is intact, or no apparent defect.

10.2 Buyer is obliged to Returned Goods if above conditions apply to the following address:
By Mail”

Farbeza, s.r.o

Bagarova 2, 84101 Bratislava

10.3 Note: Returned goods must not be used, worn or damaged or otherwise devalued. The buyer shall deliver the goods by post at their own expense to our address.

Products we ask you to send by registered mail and insured because we are not liable for any loss on the way to us. COD Shipments accepted. If the goods are damaged or used, you may be refused a refund.

Rule 11 Liability for defective goods and warranty

11.1 FARBEZA Company, Ltd. informs that the information provided on www.keisuniforms.sk are partly taken by third parties may contain inaccuracies and may be updated without notice.

11.2 FARBEZA Company, Ltd. may at any time without prior notice change the products and services described on its website and does not guarantee the veracity of their contents.

11.3 FARBEZA Company, Ltd. not liable to another party for direct, indirect or special damages caused by using the information from its own or linked sites.

11.4 FARBEZA Company, Ltd. is not responsible for non-functioning of telecommunication services provided by third parties.

11.5 FARBEZA Company, Ltd. is not responsible for the provision of postal services.

11.6 FARBEZA Company, Ltd. poor quality, degraded or non-secure connection through the telecommunications network.

Rule 12 Protection of personal data

12.1 FARBEZA Company, Ltd. is fully governed by the Act. 428/2002 Z.z. on Protection of Personal Data in Information Systems. Our company respects your privacy. So that we can offer a valuable service and fulfill your order, but we need to know some of your personal data. By sending the registration form you agree to the processing of that personal data. These data are protected against misuse and will ensure that it never gave a third subject, your contact information and details of your purchases.

12.2 Using this online store you agree to the collection and use of information about you and your purchases under the above specified conditions. Customer registration, applicant for news (ie. a newsletter), participant surveys and other forms of registration are agreeing that you can be informed about news in our online shop e-mail or telephone. If you do not wish to continue this information, you can at any time terminate their transmission, as described in any reporting.

12.3 Our online store reserves the right to withdraw from the security guarantees the hacking of a server by an unknown offender (Hecker). Only in this case, apply the above rules for handling data.

Rule 13 Final Provisions

13.1 Seller reserves the right to change these general business conditions. Obligation written notice changes in these general terms and conditions are met by placing the website e-commerce vendor.

13.2 The Parties agree that communications between them will be carried out in the form of e-mail messages.

13.3 The relations not governed by these general terms and conditions are subject to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code Act, Act no. 22/2004 Z.z. electronic commerce and on the amendment of Act no. 128/2002 Z.z. on State Control of Internal Market in Consumer Protection Issues and on amendments to certain laws as amended by Act no. 284/2002 Z.z. as amended, and the Law on consumer protection in distance selling.

13.4. These Terms and Conditions shall take effect on the buyer purchase is concluded.

13.5. Buyers sending orders asserts that these general terms and conditions read and fully agrees with them.

13.6. The supervisory authority
Inspectorate SOI for the Bratislava region
Prievozská 32, P.O. 5,820 Box 07 Bratislava 27
Department of technical control products and consumer protection
tel. No .: 02/58272 172-3; 02/58272 104
fax. No .: 02/58272 170



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